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Article provided by: Argyle Jewelers

Engagement Rings Long Island

Engagement Rings Long Island

It is easy to choose engagement rings when you follow a pragmatic rule or live by traditional romance books. The engagement ring will likely be in your comfort zone and lack any striking features to match a personal style by the best jewelers in Long Island NY. We wish that the ring you buy intertwines pure emotion and quality to be the most practical element in your celebration of unity. It is best to spend a lot of thought and time on an object that will last forever and be the symbol of love for your generational family.

What to consider when choosing engagement rings


The ring will be on both your hands for a long time. Most women are proud to sport their rings to work and social events. You have to think about how the ring fits into their style before handing it out. The following examples are good indicators:

  • Does the job favor a fancy ring? A teacher or corporate employee will have an easy time wearing the highest carat than a landscaper or welder.
  • How does she use her hands? A solitaire in a prong will be easy to clean after she enjoys gardening with bare hands.

Shape and size

It helps when you know what they want in a ring from their favorite engagement ring stores. Every shape has a different meaning; hence it will stir other interests for the wearer. Every form has a different pricing structure. You can also get more carats when you choose a different shape.

It may seem obvious that you should get a ring that fits into the right finger. You would be surprised to learn that it is common for people to return the engagement ring because it cuts off their circulation or risks loss due to looseness.


Traditionally, the engagement ring was in the following metal options:

  • Yellow gold
  • White gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum

The type you choose determines the ring’s longevity because some tend to scratch easily. Therefore, you will pay different amounts for different metals.


The age-old consideration of all engagement rings in Long Island is the carat size. Some people prefer the larger stone, while others prefer more transparent diamonds without restricting the carat count.

It is best to choose the carat size with an idea of what will please your spouse. The carat is the ring's kicking point because one can always tweak the color and clarity to match the style and budget. We have different carat sizes; hence you will save a considerable amount by choosing a rare count. A smart tip is to buy a ring with carat sizes that are slightly below the most common values. An example is purchasing a 1.95-carat ring instead of a 2.


The engagement ring is one of the most valuable symbols of your next stage in life. Customers have the illusion that they got a great deal when they buy an engagement ring from uncertified designers of fine jewelry. In reality, they have a duped diamond alternative that becomes an embarrassment and source of financial loss. Are you looking to learn more about our engagement rings in Suffolk County? Talk to our Argyle Jewelers  on 631- 321- 0800 for more details.

Engagement Rings Long Island
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Engagement Rings Long Island
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Engagement Rings Long Island

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