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Luxury Fabrics

Article provided by: Asher Concepts

Luxury Fabrics

Just like there cars or houses designed for a higher class, there are also fabrics meant for luxury. While prices of a luxury fabric may depend on the demand and use cases, the rarity and quality are also important.

What are the different types of luxury fabrics?

While there are fakes out there, different types of fabric have identifiable features that make it easy to spot its quality. There is a handful of common high-class fabric to look out for.

Satin is probably one of the most popular of luxury fabrics and is one of the most versatile. It is a fabric that has smooth movement and a shiny surface, making it stand out in a crowd. It can be used for sheets, curtains, elegant dresses and is able to be manufactured by multiple fabric types.

Velvet is another popular choice for elegant dresses. It has a strong sheen and a shimmering surface that hangs elegantly. Evening wear for women is the ideal usage but it can be applied in multiple ways. You usually find velvet made from silk but there are synthetic versions as well.

Crepe is a crinkled fabric that has tightly woven threads, making it ideal for certain types of clothes. The matte face and grainy texture make is a great contrast against other luxury fabrics that are glossy. It is ideal for formal suits for work or family gatherings.

Due to the very high price, fur should be given an honorable mention. It is one of the oldest materials used for clothing in human history and is one of the best ways to retain heat. Leopard fur is the most expensive form that is collected by the rich.

What are Couture Fabrics?

Couture fabrics are used to make high-fashion clothing items and are made using manual labor by artisans. Designer dresses, made with custom fits and careful cutting, are made with these luxury fabrics. You will usually see these fabrics used at special events, including the likes of royalty.

Exclusive silk fabrics are one of the couture fabrics deeply embedded within the fashion industry. It usually has a variety of embroidery, effects, and crystals.

Precious metals are also a hot addition to couture fashion as it represents wealth and social status. The gold or silver may be woven into the threads, applied in the lace or accessories used in various parts of the dress. Palladium and other brilliant metals may also be used but with a more limited scope.

One of the most mainstream examples of a couture dress would be a custom-fit bridal gown. This is one of the few instances where average women have high budgets and creative licenses to create a handmade dress. Faux fur, floral patterns, crystals, and lace is commonly used to make the day even more special.

Luxury fabrics are a must-have when creating unique clothing pieces, upholstery or drapes. If you are looking for custom fabric in bulk, give us a call to see what we can do for you.

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